Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bonding With Seniorman

You should be aware that I am at the utmost satisfaction.

Today, Seniorman, also known as Joanna, joined me to an expedition. This expedition included seeing Epic Movie and shopping till we dropping at the mall.

To say humbly, Epic Movie was officially added to my List. My list is good to be on.
It makes it better that David Hale, one of the loves of my life, saw it too.

After that, we traveled to the italian jeweler's store, Sam is his name. Now we have no proof he was italian, but when i asked him if he was in the mafia, he said why yes, i was, but i am now in hiding. I must say, a jeweler shop is quite the hiding place. His coworkers Joseph and chubby man, had better jeans than us, as did Sam. We flirted with Joseph like hungry vultures. Only because he made it clear he wanted to get fresh with us, that naught boy. They are going to buy us true designer jeans. Because you know, what special person like me or joanna wouldn't want an upgrade from hollister and american eagle jeans. However they are the best.

We managed to make it to the mall. In which Joanna and I devoured american eagle in every way possible. T'is true, I am going back next week to purchase these chunky plaid...things from there. I don't know if i should call them pants, or thermal leg casts. They aren't either. You'll have to wait and see. Joanna caused a national disaste by paying in 3 ways and then making them do the transaction over so she could get 10% off. Which the guy grudgingly did. Then we headed to heritage. where we did NOT run into someone were HOPING not to. I went into the fitting room with about 54074056 things EXACTLY. In trying each on, I was either resembling a homemaker, a mother, or a bulbous parakeet. I ended up finding a dress thats so gorgeous, its beyond words. I obviously bought it. Joanna Chiang, on the other hand, found a MUCHO fabuluso outfit, and DID not have enough money. So we made this plan for her to eleminate one thing for 5 minutes while we made our way back to AEagle for her to return one of the things she got for cash so she could buy the completetion of her heritahe outfit. The stupid men just gave her store credit. Meaning she had to wait till my mom came to lend her money to get the shirt. Oh Joanna, how you overwhelm me.

We then went to Nordstroms in which I had a fabulous plan to spend my 25 buckaroo gift card there, courtesy of Joanna. Well I tried on some dress. And even ask Joanna, I looked like a curtain. My luck there was awful. But then again we spent like 2 miliseconds there.

My madre came and gave Joanna the moola necessary to get her shirt.

And then we calmly went into the green honda which has now been sold! and became even more anxious and sweaty and poopy and jazz.


I, Danya Senior Elkurd, was going to go to GREASE: YOURE THE ONE THAT I WANT.

and then i went home, pampered myself extremely.
and sat here. and got over excited.
and cranked up the grease party i was having by myself.
plus i i snacked on my usual coral
i cant do it.


ps. expect greatness tomorrow.

Top 5 Reasons for this Madness

i guess you could say these are some reasons ive created this.

1. i have to watch over my seniorman
2. i like to eat salted coral strictly from the Great Barrier Reef
3. it will help me progress as a rubber clogger who wears only bubble wrap
4. my pet octopus wants a cooler mom
5. my children are going to be Zeldas