Saturday, June 2, 2007

Heather and her Antics

So, Heather Leith and I were just sitting eating corn dogs. And we wanted more. So I went on the computer while she made two more. And she then proceeded to eat her corn dog as I spoke with salami kid on aim. She was at the dining table right next to me. So I just decided I finally wanted to eat my corn-dog, and I look at the plate. And my corn dog is merely now just a stick... And I am bizarred. And HEather Leith's face is purely satisfied.

HEATHER LEITH ATE 3 CORNDOGS. and one was mine.

Friday, June 1, 2007


...for I am a woman of despair. I am now in Heather's humble living quartiles and am having an exuberant time. My madre has informed me of a man coming to my house tomorrow to check out my computer. As in possibly fix it. So I be so happy! Then I can be blog frequently! She bites. And now I be show you pictures. Actually no because Jovanna and Hezar be no nice.