Friday, October 26, 2007

gogol bordello {also it's 2:06 a'm, but it was necessary to post upon my return from GB now since my mind is swiming with vivid & technicolor images}

could most clearly and understandably be explained
by the 685 hour long conversation we just had
in which i explained to her everything from beginning to end.
but it's too vulgar to post here. plus too long.
and reading other peoples aim conversations is awkward.
however, i am willing to tell if you are willing to listen

Sunday, October 14, 2007

well as you can see, I have been dubbed previously a Vera Wang 70's shift dress
but i really honestly NEVER have time to post
doing what i really love has been taking up more of my life and schedule
which is a good thing for me but also gives me little time for a social life
and i am in model united nations and stuff,
but i will try to fill you in on my busy life.
~yesterday was Eid. which is equivilant to a muslim christmas
and it's tradition to celebrate it for days
so yesterday we did many things and yesterday i recieved almost 200 dollars,
but spent almost all of it and as of around 5 today i now have 12 dollars left.
and i still have more cashmonies coming my way!
~radiohead->in rainbows: all i can say is:
swaying and closing my eyes and wow i feel like i'm in forever happy land
you shouldn't let people pay what they want
but your souls are humble

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

love vs. hate

i really honestly do not have the urge to post
when i really hate school
i have a love/hate relationship with trabuco hills high
which could best be explained by the following words:
I cannot wait until ochsa.
}the place where i truly belong{