Monday, April 16, 2007

What I Want in a Man:)

Come on girls, we all have thought about EXACTLY what we want in a man. Some of us just DREAM about it and some of us know exactly what we want:

So of course, I myself must have thought deeply about this, just as you probably can't deny yourself. After observing, dreaming, speculation, analyzing and studying various factors of this, I can paint you a very
pretty picture!
So what is Danza's ideal man, you wonder?
Well, first off, and MOST importantly!
Okay so maybe that sounds a bit egotistical to some of you, but I mean come on, is that difficult for someone as munchkin-esque as me to just humbly request a more tall man?
Let's just get down to the nitty gritty.
Danya's dream man:
must be funny.
must be smart.
must be tolerant.
must be open minded.
must be patient.
must be charming.
must be supportive
must be somewhat romantic
(but not sappishly, just somewhat)
good listener
good talker
must be non-judgemental
Alright, those are qualities I suppose. So then there's the other more high-maintenance, specific specifics so I'll elaborate for you.
My man has to be hotstuff. And by hotstuff I mean good hair, cute face, nice smile, nice eyes. Which can vary hugely in my perspective. For example: Max Crumm and Austin Miller and Kevin Greene and Chad Dorreck are all hot men in my mind. Plus, they all do not fall under one "label of category", such as blonde haired and blue eyed. They all have a unique look and I find each one attractive. Hotstuff can also be a non-physical quality to me, for example, if a completely straight, masculine guy loves animals or Broadway, that is hot to me. Get my drift? If not, you should have stopped reading this a while ago :]
Nice style. By nice style, I don't mean a man whose ENTIRE closet consists purely of Hudsons, True Religions, Sevens, Antik Denims, and AG jeans. I also do NOT mean a man who has semi long hair but decided to spike it with 76 tubs of wax which then produce a hairdo which sticks approximately 4 inches in the air from the top of their precious head. Like John Reese. Only worse. But he has a good heart. Just well-groomed, well maintained hair that's not too short and not too long. I appreciate hair like Maxie Crumm's before his hunka hunka burnin' haircut, and I also appreciate Austy baby's hair at it's best. Like during him and Laura's duet of "Don't know Much."
When it comes to the nice eyes, I'm pretty open-minded. Kind, deep eyes that you can get lost inside of. This isn't corny, this is what all (normal hunkman-hungry)girls think of. Intriguing colors can be good too, like some exotic green or hazel or something.
Cute face. This is not a doozy, my friends. A cute face can be accentuated by hair, or a cute face can just be a cute face. But I don't exactly mean Corey Aitro cute-face. To cut to the chase, you know what a cute face is, no psychotic acne (what's the harm in one occasional pimple?), no masks of facial hair (werewolfs), and hopefully no quintuplet chins.
Nice smile. A nice smile is hopefully not consisting of yellow-buttered teeth, or a mouth short of too many teeth if you know what I mean. A nice smile is not those ridiculous kinds of smiles where a guy's smile is just a white block with glitter in the corners. A nice smile is genuine, and lights up your day and truly makes you melt with happiness.
Lastly, I hope, I'll tell you about the romantics.
I'd find it completely adorable if my dream man:
Brought me elephant figurines instead of flowers
Didn't reject my occasional burp or fart.
Gave great hugs and light kisses.
And most importantly, come over because he truly wants to, not because he feels he has to.


rachel kalei. said...

DANJA!! you have mastered the true ability to blog in the way like it sounds like your singing it. kidding. but some i COMPLETEY agree with, but to be freank, some are tuely bizarre.but i still embrace it.

heather.christianne said...

congrats on stepping up the blogging. i love all the type treatment (i learned that phrase from shannon.) and i love all the different colors. i agree with mostly all of those amazing qualities in a hunkman.

danya said...

very nice. said...

ME LIIIIIKE!!! but...something you said that you dont want men to be is what you are!!! TRY TO FIND ITTTT!!!!!!

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

i am a little bizarred. but I like I like. (: