Thursday, July 19, 2007


as i was figuring out what to post as my title, my sister said I was addicted to the computer. I simply said, "No I'm addicted to blogging."

Hence the title.

So today I did nothing, and realized. I have not had a summer so far. I really haven't. I can name one major event of this summer so far.

1. the spectrum/yard house with Melissa, heather, zeinah and fron

Canada doesn't count. Even though it was a part of my summer, it was also a part out of my summer. In another country. Not with my friends.

Do you know what I mean? Because I'm having a little trouble understanding the above statement myself.

Well, instead of sulking about, I decided I'm just going to embrace everything I do, starting tomorrow with Jessica and Joanna/Eli & Perry. tomorrow my summer officially starts with adventures in trabuco canyon that will migrate to Lizard Boy's house that will again migrate to the convenient location of Border's bookstore. I will see you guys and embark on various adventures with you in which we will discover hidden gypsy treasures that will deviously steal. We will do this as much as possible. I'm determined.

See I understand Zeinah and Rachel and Heather. Their actually doing something. But it's not fair that I can easily do things with you guys lest I am stuck sitting on the computer and watching movies all day at my dad's.

Speaking of movies....I just finished watching Stranger than Fiction, and it was ohso good. It filled me with jubilance and I am proud to say it is on my list of favorite movies.

I respect Will Ferrel so so SO much more now.

I'm waiting for my dad to come home. So we can go to Pat and Oscars.

I really come home for the first time tomorrow.

Sleeping in my bed for 7 hours after coming home from Canada only to be awoken by a frantic mama elk does not count.


heatherleith! said...

who the heck is eli??

does Lizard Boy = Anthony?

heatherleith! said...

who the heck is eli??

does Lizard Boy = Anthony?

heatherleith! said...

oops, got a little too excited there.

danya genevieve! said...

HAHA! eli is perry's bizarre anorexic (not really) jewish friend.

and lizard boy is my sister's friend rocchina's (ro-kee-NUH)brother who was in g dawgs drama last year. and in greek mythology he was lizard boy, and kyle larkins was hades and always bizarrely screamed LIZARD BOYYYY!

hence my calling him lizard boy

rachel kalei. said...

danya you need to find your Barbie Girl vidoe on you tube and put it on your blog. NOW.

joanna (: said...

eli is sexyman.
lizard boy is lizard boy.

danya genevieve! said...

i agree eli is sexyman
once he picked up perry and me and jessica swooned,

okay rachel

Anonymous said...

are you really going to hang out with all of them? and Heather, you really need to stop posting a comment twice.

danya genevieve! said...

yess i am zeinsterr!

Anonymous said...

wait, are the Pearbear and J. Lee still going out?