Saturday, July 14, 2007


I love that word. Even when it doesn't make sense the way I use it. Tanner Cohoe as Aprhodie in Greek Mythologhy anyvun?

Alrighty, so today, my papa, my sister and I are all going to trek the 5 short minutes to the Irvine Spectrum to see harry potter and the order of the phoenix.

Obviously upon my request. I can't help myself; it's a guilty pleasure!

Enough of a guilty pleasure that drew me to drift towards the table that read "Harry Potter Fans!" casually picked up a couple of unofficial books and magazines and didn't get through all of them. But, I did find out that they are building The Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. Do you understad how excited I became?! Rewind to Danya as her grade three self, poofy hair, braces, sparkly harry potter t shirts. I always dreamed of a Harry Potter theme park. And in grade five, I thought, if they ever did make one, it would be in Universal Studios. I am a genuis! www.universalorlando/harrypotter :)

It will open in 2009, and I'm going. Opening day baby. Decked out in full Potter gear. Once a fan, always a fan.

So at Barnes and Noble last night, which is where this knowledge gathering took place, my sister went to the cafe to get a drink. Well on the tables were these little cardboard Harry Potter contraptions promoting the next book. So I stealthily took one and put in my purse. I know, I know. I just felt mischevious, ok?

It is blazingly hot already at 11:10 am. I am anxiously awaiting the moment where my papa will get up and announce to get ready. To see harry pottter. So in the meantime, I am going to order these earrings:

These beautiful starfish and elephant earrings. I went online urban outfitters before we went to Canada to decide what I had in mind for shopping while there, and I immediatley had to have these. Besides, I love starfish and elephants.

Well, come the trip to Summerset mall in Michigan and I flocked immediatley to the earrings. No sign. I was bummed out and even asked a salesperson, and they were like no, not yet. So I still had my urban outfitters shopping spree, minus those earrings. So now I'm going to order them.
I be so hot:(