Monday, July 16, 2007

it's a beautiful day today

I went to Laguna Beach yesterday and actually got to go inside the many eccentric stores and appreciate them. My first favorite store was called Bubbles, a bath and body store with little aqua beads (plastic shapes with soap inside) and there were little jonjehs that caught my eye immediatley. i loved them. i didn;t have any money with me, but on my next trip i'm going to have a shopping spree.

The next place was a gallery called The Art of Wyland. You've probably seen it, it has a huge dolphin fountain in front and the gallery is mounted higher than the buildings around it. Anyways, this artist is amazing. I plan on decorating my beach house with his work. He even has a disney exhibit. Little mermaid for Danz?

It's really small but his art is phenomenal. Can you Ariel? I'm not a huge fan of the framing, but changing it would be disloyal to his work.

I must show you his other work

On a different note, Shannon Leith is doing my headshots! Yes, tis true. My aspirations are on the rise. I only hope you guys support me all the way through.

Today I have been sitting around on the laptop stumbling unexpectedly upon photography that has captured my heart.

One of my personal favorites.

probably my ultimate favorite.

This is amazing.

This is self explanatory: Joanna Chiangs modeling career.

I like this one a lot.

another bizarre personal fave. fin.

Okay, this is REALLY frustrating. Whenever I put pictures in a post, they automatically go to the top of my post and I have to drag them all the way down and then all my text gets screwed up and spaced bizarrel and aligned wrong. HELP anyone?

Alrighty, I have bad news. On Friday night, as you know, I'm going to Rokina's Harry Potter party that will be MIGRATING to Borders, except I didn't find out my mom and I were invited until today. Aka, interactions with lizard boy, Joanna(: I thought I'd be able to wake up on Saturday morning with your guys' beautiful faces camping out on my driveway. But, I have another wedding! My other cousin Shahab is getting married. Argh. So, maybe after the wedding? If it's not late. I honestly do not know. But, if all else fails, then we shall unite at last on Sunday!

I'm making a playlist of great music for my myspace/facebook. i hope it works here.

my chin is sweating. is that weird?


joanna (: said...


heatherleith! said...

when did this shannon leith thing come about? explain. i think it is very exciting though.

you dummy, why wouldn't we support you? do you doubt our love?

my chin sweats sometimes.

heatherleith! said...

oh- and the picture thing happens to me too. ya just gotta push through it, i don't beleive there is a cure.

Anonymous said...

do you really have a beach house? and my chin doesn't sweat so i cnt relate to you and heath but i truly support you and i second what heath said.

danya genevieve! said...

of course i do not doubt your guys' love.

and zeinah-i'm speaking hypothetically of course. the beachhouse i buy with my first paycheck.

i realy do love you guys.

Anonymous said...

oh. so yo have a job? you are in cahoots against me. i know it.