Monday, July 30, 2007

something is wrong with this world

On Saturday I ventured to the beach with Zeinah after the grand opening of Dani's Yoga studio.

Mucho free stuff of which some wasn't supposed to be free, but Dani's mom is a doll.

So Zeinah and me tackled monstrous and spluttering waves that caused Zeinah's eyes to become blood shot which led us to walk up a thousand steep steps for her to rinse her eyes out.

I took phenomenal pictures. You don't understand. So Zeinah, blog them!

That same night Samar and Tamara arrived from the lovely Canada and spent their first night at our casa. We were all tired so didn't have a blast of course, but we watched a movie and then fell asleep.

So when we woke up yesterday, we went to the pool for four hours where Heather Leith and Natalie Field joined.

But suddenly many arabs ALL WEARING CAMO joined us. I did not appreciate.

These four hours resulted in my extreme tan, sunburnt face, and brown feet. I guess when my Rainbows got wet, the dye stained my feet. And I spent 30 minutes washing my feet and the stuff wouldn't come off.

Anyways, I really just don't feel good right now so I'm going to take some medicine and sleep.


heatherleith! said...

i thought her name was Summer?

oh, dear, camo-wearing arabs.

that was hilarious.

joanna (: said...

Your feet have so many issues said...



that was not fun.