Thursday, August 30, 2007

esoteric facts about danzdanz elkurd {it means mysterious}

+une. I use two different shampoos during one shower and condition as many times as it takes my hair to become silky smooth

+deux. I take about 2 and a half hours at the most to straighten my hair. That's the only way it gets perfect. No place I've been to so far has been able to do my hair the same way I can. Is this normal?

+trois. I get tired halfway through running the first lap of a mile. But I can run around the RSM bball courts, field, at a normal pace without stopping. This doesn't make sense to me. It must be the track holding a grudge against me?

+quatre. I constantly play out romantic encounters in my head that are creative and so different from the typical movie scene. {not sexual!}. Or I think of every way to not be embarrassing around boys. As in hunkmen boys that could potentially be pursuable. And then when I start talking to a boy I forget about all my rules I made for myself and then get so embarrassed and OCD about it the whole day and think of what I should have done or not done/said or not said.

+cinq. I don't think a person can look beautiful. A person IS beautiful.

+sept. I think the way most schools handle bullying needs to be changed. I absolutely cannot stand people who bully and can't bear to watch the victims. Because look at what happens when there's a school shooting. It's too late to kick the "zero tolerance" thing into gear.

+huit. I think Orange County is one of the worst places to raise children as of now. Hardly anyone knows true beauty anymore. People will do anything to be popular. Please. Material things have replaced what's actually worthwhile. This society turns people into something else. Point proven.

+neuf. I absolutely loathe the women of my extended family. I am nothing like them whatsoever. And that's a good thing. I can't stand being around them and could go on for hours explaining.

+dix. I'm a lot more deep and complex than you think. It bothers me how some people don't expect the things that come from me, or don't see me as a serious performer, or a performer at all. I also don't view any obstacles as a reason to stop, or something to slow me down. I just move past them.

did you learn 10 new things?