Thursday, August 9, 2007


So, I may know a couple of extra useful things on the computer, but I thought that editing our drama plays into little segments would be a piece of cake. I kept trying and trying to upload what I thought was ok onto youtube. But it just didn't work. Over 10 times. Here's the thing though. I wasn't realizing I would have to actually try something else, I just kept uploading and uploading and uploading and uploading. You don't really do that. Then I kept getting excited and exclaiming, I'VE GOT IT! But the truth was I just thought I did. I truly feel like I would be shunned by Bill Gates if he were to watch my pathetic efforts. But all my hard work and failed attempts actually got me to figure out how this computer likes to do things. Remember, success is 99% failure. Without failure, you cannot have success. Even though the process takes actual intense manual movie editing-esque work, including precise trimming and exporting and etc, I have final products for you. I have become a movie mogul. (?)Scroll down and stop my music though so you can bask in the glory of these movies.

life is magnicifent, no?
haha wow.
more are coming.


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Yes yes yes yes. love love love love love! i watched each one and i was like cracking up. Medi's pelvic thrust was a little revolting. and i really really really loved your "ooeye caliente!" with graceful yet demanding leg thrusts. love love