Thursday, August 23, 2007

us freshmen

So, I was on the infamous social networking site MYSPACE I was looking at bulletins people were posting and this girl I was friends with when I was in 7th grade (Who is now going to be a sophomore) posted one that said: It's hilarious how a lot of this is true:

So I was taking like 20 minutes to decide whether or not I should actually post this. But I am going to show you how ridiculous:

Dear Freshmen, you're the lowest of the low, Here are just a few helpful words of advice
1) You are not cool.
2) Everyone does hate you.
3) You are annoying.
4) JOIN the choir class

- Sex doesn't make you cool & it won't make the upper-class boys think any higher of you. So don't go around bragging about it, no one cares & then you look like an easy freshman whore.. just leave all the slutty things you did in 8th grade in middle school.
- dont brag about the number of seniors you know. The more you brag, the more we can tell you're a freshman.
- You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N.. not a "freshie" - shut up, you sound like a queer
- Don't walk around telling upperclassmen you're not all stupid freshman, we don't care, we're still calling you one.
-Respect your teachers and your peers. Getting written up everyday and purposely failing really doesn't look cool, we may laugh but it is at you for your ignorance. If your going to waste time and school board money on messing around just drop out you're a lost cause and you're really not that cool. people talk down about you behind your back.
- Dont think you're smart because you filled up water bottles with vodka/ or coke bottles with bacardi and snuck it onto your 8th grade field trip. We've all done it.. so don't be proud.
- Don't post things like "FINALLY A FRESHIE!! LOLZZZ"(but who does that?) on myspace. If anything, you suck big time.
- DO NOT think that the upper-class girls are your best friends.. they will just laugh at you.
-Do not wear ripped jeans and an Abercrombie shirt because you want to make "a variety of friends."
-If you are going to try and rebel, it most likely won't work.
- Don't think that you have privacy now. Once you're here.. Your business is everyone's business.
-Dont tell everyone you love your boyfriend after 2 days, you're an idiot.
- Don't try to sit at upperclassmen lunch tables. You will be picked up and thrown onto the floor.
- Dont tell your friends that youre busy after school and tell them you have to go meet your friends in the jr./sr. parking lot, we all know your brother/sisters just taking you home.
- You'll never be as hot as the ''09, & '10 girls. So don't try. (that's just embarrassing)
- To all freshman guys, you can't get with the class of '09 & '10 girls.
- Don't try to say you're older than you really are. The way you walk, dress & talk just has freshman written all over you.
- Your name is "the class of 11." HAHA.. enough said.
-Don' t try to pull that "Well you were freshmen once..." STOP! We know that we were freshmen, but we aren't anymore so shut up.
-The day you mess with our boyfriend /girlfriend, you'll never enjoy high school again.
- Don't be a slut. This should be the number one rule.!!
- DO NOT crowd our halls like cattle, because the upper classmen can (& most likely will), push you out of the way. You WILL get hurt
-To all the freshman guys, we know your balls haven't dropped yet. That's why you still sound like Mickey Mouse. Don't go around bragging how big you are. We all know you're lying.
-Freshmen girls are bootycalls
-Freshmen guys are Bootlickers
Welcome to hell. :]
Believe me---You CANT win. Have FUN being a freshman...for a fun-filled year with NO life and NO opinion whatsoever.

Juniors '09!!!!
Sophomores '10!!!!
- If you're an upperclassman, repost this

Okay. That's just lame. Whoever wrote this obviously wanted to scare some poor freshmen into thinking Highschool was like a battlefield of Voldemort's allies. What heartless person/people would write this? I'm pretty sure if highschool was like this for freshmen we would have known by now. I'm bizarred and I don't even know what to say.


heatherleith! said...

Reasons Why This Post Is Not Normal:

-Sophomores are not upperclassmen. This person talks like they are the top of the food chain, when really, they're lowerclassmen too.
-They assume that they are Dumbledore and know everything about us, our actions, and our feelings. And that's just embarrassing.

Was this that Sarah girl??

danya genevieve said...

NO heather! but she called me today how weird is that?

as in she hasn't called me since I saved her with Joanna from dying...

danya genevieve said...

and yes i agree 100%

Anonymous said...

ummmmm. Not okay? And maybe she should reevaluate herself because right now she thinks shes like head honcho, but in fact she is just one of the other millions of sophmores.