Sunday, September 2, 2007

dear rachel kalei patla {2}

I am an idiot.
I pretty much thought I could have French 2, Drama 1, and be ASB prez of the freshmen.
But that would have been mucho fun.
So good luck and I will vote for you
only if you have a good speech(:
Does anyone know if freshmen who are in Drama 1 can try out for the musicals?


Styffinator said...

I can't wait for drama! It will be amazing! You can't try out for muscials until drama 2 (when your in your jr. year you can be in musicals. try out in soph. year.) understand? I'm horrible at explaing things!

MEENA! said...


heatherleith! said...

i'm pretty sure you can try out freshman year...

but i am not positive. and rachel sounds pretty sure of herself.

Styffinator said...

I was talking to a guy at my church who is a senior.. he's the aid for drama 1 period 3 and is in the film class... that's what he said. but you never know! either way... I can't wait to see you in all sorts of productions!