Friday, March 2, 2007

Is Jonjeh Gay?

Well I've been thinking, after Salami Kid asked me if Jonjeh was personally gay and I said no...I've been reconsidering. It's very possible. Anyvhoo, here the LOWDOWN.

i just got email notification that tickets were available for this Sunday's live taping of GREASE: YTOTIW. I clicked on the link for my free tickets, and what do I find?!?!?! THAT THEY WERE ALL RESERVED. FREAKING ANTI-JONJEHS. Then they said to re apply to the wait list on Monday so we'd be guaranteed seats next taping available. EEESHIE. All I know is that there are about 4 weeks left if you really calculate (only I probably do) of how long until the show is done. But there could be more if they decide not to eliminate one week consistently. HOW EMBERRASING AM I?!?! I actually sit and think about this stuff. Eeeshie. But to the point, hopefully I'll be at one of the tapings between now and whenever the show is over. I'll leave it in God's hands.

Ahh that was so profound. I feel LIBERATED.

So today was Melistha's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE TRUMPKEN.
ZZ, Rachelio, Mel and I all celebrated the night away.
But the PRE party was the gorgeousness of me and Melissa's adventures in her backyard.
First, we stuffed our faces after getting a GROSS aftertaste of negro nose lips.
We then proceeded to making sure negro man got a taste of my orgasmic, knee buckling jonjeh tactics. I broke a broom in the process. Tahaha.
Then, we decided it'd be funny to climb the neighbors fence and run around wildly. Melistha made sure I would wear a ghetto grease frock and I stopped halfway putting it on, for the sole reason of this: I am a hebrew queen maccaw. Photos to come.
I got on the fence and then posed bizarrely and almost went into the neighbors yard. Except how would I get back over? So that didn't work. To sum up the pre party: I am a hebrew queen maccaw, I play with Toby's mind, I fart like a fat german hoochie, and we like chili flavored ice cream.

Le ZZ, Le Roch, and Le Melisth+Le Moi trekked to The King and I at MTV solely for the pleasure of Ryan.

Alas, we have SALAMI KEEED. Oh jhes how he makes me giddy. He is so feminine in his ways of wanting our numbers and screenames and wanting to Spectrumio it up with us. Eeeshie. I made him a telegram with some jonjeh blessings. And this is what went down verbally between us two humans.

Is Jonjeh gay?

No why?

He likes me.

Eesha. I luff
him. And now we affectionately left and me and the ZZ came to realize: her
and her pappy and Greta and Zack are coming tomorrow for dinner! So bizarre! Oysh, well since
it's ever so late and I think I'll be cooking deliciousness for 5 hours
tomorrow, I MUST GO. I already miss Heath and Junz. And Melissa and Roch are going to WICKED THIS
SUNDAY! and I'm
going april 14. We
can get more excited for that later. Shalom Shnozzles.

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