Sunday, April 15, 2007

American Girl Theatre!

So, as you know, today my sister and I went to the American Girl Place at the Grove to the show that Brianna is in. It was really cute and there were really good singers, adults and singers alike. Brianna was so excited to see me in the small audience (the theatre is tiny). We got nice little programs that were going to be autographed later. Afterwards, Tena and Jack were waiting in the lobby so my sister and I waited with them for my mom. Brianna hadn't come out since she had a show again at 2 o'clock so we talked for a while after my mom came and decided we'd meet up later after Brianna was done her 2 o'clock show. Meanwhile my sister my mom and I ate at a really cool french restaraunt. We headed back to the theatre around 3:15 and met back with Tena and Jack and surprised Brianna by waiting in the "autograph" circle. I met all of the other American Girls and we went outside and socialized for awhile until we all parted. Tena wants me to audition in June so I'm sure I'm going to! It was really fun and afterwards me and my sister and madre went to my cousins really nice studio aparatment in Beverly Hills.


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oh i know that girl in the pink tracksuit! She did Scrooge with me and Brianna at MTV! Her and Brianna were both The Ghost of Christmas Past. hooray!

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