Saturday, April 14, 2007


The most phenomenal experience of a lifetime

Imagine the feelings associated with finally experiencing an amazing Broadway musical that will forever leave handprints on my heart forever. Let me try to help you visualize the exhilaration I was feeling today.

Today, on April 14th 2007, my sister and I woke up to the rustle of sheets between us on the ground; sheets we were so keen on having to ourselves. Every five seconds either of us would yank the single thin sheet to our own side, insisting that we were freezing and that there was no source of warmth. This was the way our morning began, on the floor of Saga's chic L.A. apartment in her family room. Finally to my utmost satisfaction, Her Royal Highness (better known as my sister) gave up the floor-bed and moved to the couch. The minimal blankets were allll miiiine. Only until I woke up completely and pranced around the apartment singing, "We're seeing Wicked, We're seeing Wicked!" I read Anne Frank as I waited for my mommy dearest to finish her shower so I could begin to get ready. Of course, once I started to get ready, there was an extra spring in my step, a brighter smile on my face, and more enthusiasm within me. Donned in my blue dress(with a touch of dressiness added by my mother[pictures to come]) and American Eagle flats (which I finally found after 3 days of searching at Payless next to the Grove!!) I was all ready after finishing my hair and makeup. Saga made us some delicious breakfast salsa egg thing, and we were off to the Pantages by 1:15 p.m.!

It wasn't exactly a journey, seeing as how Saga lives only 15 minutes away, but it was exciting nonetheless. Once we pulled up to the Pantages, we could not contain our excitement: the whole front of the theatre was decked out in WICKEDNESS. Saga dropped us off in front and we made our way to the inner section where employees were selling programs and CD's! My mom so kindly bought one program for us to share and to our delight, the man selling us the program filled us in on a little secret: THE CAST would be SIGNING the PROGRAM AFTER THE SHOW! We were overjoyed. We walked towards the main hall, where our tickets were scanned, and once we got into the lobby, we were in awe. The people all conversing as if we were at a gala event, the employees ecstatic to hand us the Playbills, and best of us all, the numerous stands scattered around entitled Oz Dust Boutique, where none other than quality merchandise was being sold. My sister, my mom and I all got in line at the nearest one and observed how willing people were to drop $65 on an Elphaba charm bracelet, or a whoppin $225 on an Elphaba messenger bag! To start off with, my mom bought us each the same shirt, which we both wanted, ironically the same size, which simply had the WICKED logo on the front in large font and the empowering words defy gravity on the back. We couldn't thank my mom enough. My mom proceeded to buy some treats from the huge and wonderful refreshment stand and we made our way to our precious seats! We were ecstatic. Orchestra seating (the best), Playbills, merch, our Program, and the best view in the world, we settled into our seats and admired the stage design. Person after person came filing through the doors, and even though the show was scheduled to start at 2 pm, we didn't mind waiting the extra five minutes as last minute personas were ushered into their seats.

And Finally, it began!

I was absolutely enthralled by this musical. The songs,the comedy, the drama, the actors, the stage designs, the costumes, the ORCHESTRA! It couldn't have been better. I patiently waited for the uplifting Defying Gravity and it came all too soon and tears welled up in my eyes and gracefully fell as my heart pounded with passion for Elphaba. It was PHENOMENAL, and that even would be a huge understatement. The only way to tell you how incredible it was would be to go have you see it yourself.

One of the funniest things that was NOT supposed to happen was Glinda FARTING during "Popular". Oh yes, a glorious moment, in which Eden (Elphie) and Megan (Glinda) could not stop laughing. They improv-ed it up spectacularly which just made us laugh even harder.

After the final number, we clapped and screamed our hearts out along with our standing ovation. It was marvelous. Afterward, we rushed to our exit so we could meet the cast, which to our convenience, the exit led right to the stage door where they came out!! It was very official, with little Wicked block offs to make a barricade between us and the cast. There weren't all that many people but luckily we snagged the best spots for pictures and autographs. Jenna Leigh Green came out first, after all the AMAZING orchestra of course, she played Nessarose and looked so pretty. We got a picture of her and she autographed our Playbills and program!! The only other person to come out though was Dioni Michelle Collins, who played Madame Morrible. She was young, to play someone so old and she was so sweet. We got the same from her as we did from Jenna Leigh Green. Too bad I forgot to bring the camera cord, or else I'd post all the pictures. We were disappointed that Elphie, Boq, and Fiyero didn't come out, but they had another show and the dressing room manager confirmed that they weren't coming out anytime soon since there were comfy couches. It didn't matter too deeply to me since the whole Wicked experience was just overwhelming enough!

After that whole shindiggitydig, me and my sister decided we wanted more merch, so we each got mugs, plus my sister a keychain and me a magnet. We were finally satisfied. We waited outside for Saga and it was freeeezing cold and then suddenly I saw Adam Wylie a few feet away from me! He plays Boq and I so badly wanted to just embrace him and converse with him and the whole enchilada! But I guess we took too long to contemplate, because his friends whisked him away. Oh well.

We went out to eat which was another experience in itself since a cockroach found its way onto Saga's foot, but you don't need to know that whole drama. And now I am here, typing my heart out, absorbed in WICKEDNESS and getting ready for tomorrow, when I'll be at the American Girl Theatre watching Brianna perform as Samantha. Don't fret my dearies, I will post pictures!

Once I kick off my Broadway career, I'll not let anything stop me from joining the cast of WICKED as Elphaba, I hope. No goal is too big for me to accomplish. But then again the ensemble or any other role would make me just as excited.

As for this uplifting, magical experience, I'll summarize it in a few profound words:

I simply couldn't be HAPPIER!


FLOWERCHILD :] said...

oh DEAR LORD. i haven't read it yet. but judging by the length of this it shall be wonderful. the next time i comment this post, i will have read it. (:

FLOWERCHILD :] said...

wowza. sounds superbly superb and exhilarating and exciting and beautious and amazing and etc etc. i'm so excited for you!!! we must see pictures. so post them asap girllie.
Hmmm. I don't know if I shall invite you to the ABA yet becauseeee who might never post again. So your invitation is TBA (to be announced) hokay.

heather.christianne said...

Joanna, I agree with you. I think if she posts faithfully some pics and then about American Girl, we can heartily welcome her into ABA. (what does it stand for again?)

Danya. Way to step up. Mr. Giraud would be BEAMING if he read this phenomenal post. I was INTOXICATED. Amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. Sounds like you had the best Wicked experience of us all.

heather.christianne said...

just kidding, i know what it stands for.

rochelle said...


rochelle said...

what does ABA stand for?