Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Yes guys, it's true.
I am so greatful I got a callback. I truly don't mind that's it not for Winifred; you'd think I would be sad, but I consider all parts equal, as in without any of the roles who aren't leads, the play would not be the same. So I'm on a list of 30 people, and 18 of them will get the part. I have a good chance. Some people who've been going to MTV for a looong time didn't get ANYTHING, and they cried. It's sad to see it happen, but if they didn't have such pressuring stage moms, they would have done better and could have gotten called back.
So, about dance team! The dance was fun, we danced 3 straight hours and then had to perform it 3 times because Gary and Dave were being nice.

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