Tuesday, May 1, 2007

P.O Box Jonjeh

...inspired by Leithkin. But this has nothing to do with Jonjeh's post office box. This has to do with my auditions. They were wonderful. Honestly. Praying every night and asking God to give you all the willpower you are capable of is the best thing to do. If your Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, you know you're all praying to the same God. There are just different ways to say it. It doesn't mean your talking about a different God. Like Christians say God, because they speak English. A lot of Muslims speak Arabic, and in Arabic God translates to Allah. The Jewish also have a name in Hebrew, but I don't know it. Anyways, praying to God helps me feel closer to him every night, and allows me to completely trust him and take control of my life. If it weren't for him I would not have done as well as I did.

I was truly surprised at the applause I was greeted with. There were many different levels, and I got cheers, WHOOHOOS, and loud clapping. I was honored! Brianna's parents were blown away, as well as my madre. Don't take this as in vain, because I'm just stating the facts. I reallly hope I get a callback, for dance team and a lead. Dance team is tonight, so immediatley after I'll find out if I got both. Denise isn't doing this show, its much more professional with the two directors who are doing it now. So I really hope I get it! Pray that I do.

time to go get ready.


joanna (: said...

My child, do not be discouraged if you do not get a lead, for tis your first show at what I like to call, Musical Theatre Village.
I'm praying for jhoo.

heather.christianne said...

i am so excited! i am for sure praying for you! congratulations on the CALLBACK!

I didn't get a callback for Scrooge because I was a feeble first timer.

heather.christianne said...

just thought i'd let you know. (:

danya genevieve! said...

feeble. bahaha. gracias. and it wont let me comment you heath.