Sunday, August 12, 2007

How I Love Jewishness

OOOH OOH UMM. i don't know. Haha that wasn't serious; just a little something that I did to RKP once. Well the time has been flying by this week so there has been absolutely no time to blog. I'll update you on this week's happenings:

+My mom's bizarre redecorating/cleaning spree
+The sudden new carpet that's being put in tomorrow!
+Ben Teincuff's AMAZING Bar Mitzvah/After party with Brianja be (it was twenty times better than the parties on MTV)
+My mom buying me a phone tomorrow: I'm joining her plan, get t-mobile five faves, and can actually TALK to you guys!
+My sister's hilariously fun birthday party and the lesbian/man couple behind us on the trolley
+Really scary homeless people who would literally come up to us and demand our bags/phones or would cry out obscenely. It's not their fault though, they're mentally ill
+Me doing Jazz II at West Coast Dance Academy this fall/ finding a voice coach through Ben

So there's a little taste of the bizarre hecticness that's been going down. And it sucks I haven't seen you guys as much as I'd like to, but life is crazy. Even when it's not though, I SHOULD be doing something with you guys when I'm sitting at home eating three chimichangas with Prego sauce. So you really need to call me, and vice versa. Keep this in mind girls, school is starting soon! And besides Melissa and Joanna, don't forget to read a book from the list of MANDATORY summer reading. Actually, just read The Center of Everything like I read. It's one of the most brilliant books I've ever read. Not the ones about wolves and Charles Dickens old Englishness,


Stay tuned till next time poppets.


joanna (: said...


danya genevieve said...

melissa currently has my copy

heatherleith! said...

oh yeah, sorry, i forgot to return your message about that.

i didn't forget. but i appreciate.

joanna (: said...

i looked in borders and they don't have it!
i neeeed.

Anonymous said...

whats it about? i dont know if i should buy the Center of Everything or just read the Good Earth since i already read it.

Anonymous said...

what does this post have to do with Jewishness might i add?

Maddie! said...

woooo. ben teincuffs my next door neighborrr :)

danya genevieve said...

yayyy maddie!