Saturday, August 18, 2007

a shame

So I obviously promised you guys pictures from Ben Teincuff's Bar Mitzvah and party.
And I had pretty much all the pictures and words ready in a draft
Now I'm at my dad's house and yesterday I was ready to hit PUBLISH POST
But about half of my pictures just got deleted.
And the pictures are on my computer at home,
So I hope you guys can be patient until I come back home

OH and I just got back from yoga where two things happened:
one. a frequenter of all the classes I go to in the aerobics room came in a little late, already smelling like putrid body odor. Then he decided to put his mat next to mine. Oh joy.
two. I forgot to put my phone on silent, and during deep meditation, my blaring and obnoxious Defying Gravity ringtone went off. But the thing is I didn't get up. That would have been worse.

On another note, I'm getting a job come the start of school. Yes that's right, a job. I think it's time to take to be a little more responsible than cleaning my room and the house and babysitting. This job is going to help me save for the glorious red mini cooper with a white top, and since where I do dance is very expensive, I'm going to help pay for my classes.

But this job is a secret (: I shall not inform you of what it is until I am officially hired. Plus I need to get a work permit through the school since I'm under 18.

I feel superior with such a secret.


heatherleith! said...

...why don't you just tell us?

danya genevieve said...

because it's not 100% guaranteed I'm going to get the job
But there's a very very good chance.

Anonymous said...

you got a job...

danya genevieve said...

don't get too excited

joanna (: said...

i'm not...

danya genevieve said...

i was kidding jo anna.
but im applying the first week of school im so excited.
like i can have a consistent source of income now