Friday, August 3, 2007

a room of my own, and SCARY harry potter dreams

Mama elk called today and I answered my phone with the normal, "Hello?"

"You. Are. Going. To. Die. When. You. See. Your. Room."

I was bizarred by this response. I thought I was in huge trouble and did not appreciate mama elk's dark and treacherous tone.

It's almost halfway done and will for sure be done when I come home from me pappy's.

On that note, our upstairs will look normal finally. My mom is also FINALLY getting new carpet. Our gross gray carpet is not cool or attractive in any form, plus it doesn't match the tile and clashes when you view the stairs next to our tile.

So, that being said. W basically get to re dec our rooms. And I already found a cheap and effective haven (URBAN OUTFITTERS!) and made some almost 100% for sure decisions.

either one of these gorgeous bedspreads/quilts (:

these album covers that have taken over my life with joy

{belle and sebastian!}

arabesque rug

these wondrous picture frames

This would all cost under about 150$ if I got the coral quilt, and a little bit over 150$ if I got the actual quilt. I am so ridiculously excited for a room that shall define Danza Elkurd.

Alright. Last night: I have never encountered such a VIVID, bizarre, and pleasurable dream. I'm talking dreams that involve all 5 senses, pleasure your mind while you're asleep, however when you wake up you are ashamed at why your mind would have enjoyed such shameful behavior. Mind you, there isn't any organization because I am only writing what I recall.

So, first off, Voldermort was the main man. He was my boyfriend, chased me on elevators, and the only reason I became his girlfriend was because I didn't want to be killed. Also, his complexion in my dream consisted of a blue-ish hue. We would ferociously make out and I would talk parseltongue (snake talk) to be romantic. There was also a battle on a bridge with red hooded dementors, but when they sucked out your soul, your head would get big, your eyes would bulge, and you'd get really skinny and then look just like the dementor who sucked your soul. So this battle started off with me delivering a message through a rug while reading Hp7 backwards which was the only way to find the secret ending and discuss it face to face with J.K. Rowling. So the battle call was Snape coming out of his house at the end of the bridge and I guess it was his first time outside in 5 years because he was wearing a white nightgown and had long curly hair and his body was titled sideways. Then I got soul sucked by a dementor except I still had my other body, so there were two of me. There was also a part of the dream where me and Voldemort were at a restaurant and he was arguing with me because he thought he was getting uglier and didn't understand why someone as sexy as me would date someone like him.

There was way more details, but I really can't remember This may make you laugh, but it was partially a nightmare for me. It also doesn't make sense once explained.


heatherleith! said...

Urban outfitters? Cheap?


danya genevieve! said...

the items i chose though were cheap, for the store.

Anonymous said...

ahh! i love Belle and Sebastian

danya genevieve! said...

yes yes me too zein