Sunday, August 5, 2007

a travesty!

Driving Lessons: One of the most brilliantly done independent films I've ever seen. I have loved Rupert Grint always, but now I want to marry him. He's fabulous. In the movie he works as an assistant to a retired actress who plays his mom, Molly Weasley, in all the Harry Potter films. It was a wonderful movie. You don't think of Rupert Grint and Julie Waters as the people of Harry Potter. You just think of them as people, and that's a milestone for people who are just seen as "Oh, Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter movies," etc. The soundtrack is also phenomenal.

And what is this travesty of me not seeing any of you girls for a long while? Melissa and Joanna, the last time I saw you was July 20th. I miss you guys terribly and don't get why I haven't seen you since. Heather, last time I saw you was the day I babysat my cousin that one night when you didn't want to see that Scottish play. And I haven't seen Rachel since grad or since she's been home. Zeinah, I saw you once when we went to the beach. I miss you guys!! I feel genuinely sad for not being able to see you/embark on adventures. Just because I'm at my dad's, I can still probably do things. And when I'm not at my dad's, I'm as free as can be. Call me or something so I know I'm still cared for and loved at least!? I really really miss you guys.

You have no idea.


joanna (: said...

was that first part written by danya elkurd? it sounded bizarrely undanyalike!

and yes, we must adventurize soon

danya genevieve! said...

haha joanna.
i was overtaken by my undanya like-ness (?)

yes we must. i come home thursday night. then saturday i have a certain blonde jewish boy's bar mitzvah to go to.